Back into the Public Eye

A model that I’ve been following on social media decided to make a Snapchat account one day, but she only made it open to the public for a few hours. She said that she would be posting exclusive content on the account, and after a few hours, it would be private to everyone except those who followed the account while it wasn’t private. I was at work when she did this, so I missed the whole thing. The only way for me to access the content was by learning how to hack a Snapchat account. For someone that doesn’t know a lot about technology, the thought of hacking an account was a tremendous task. Luckily, I figured out an easy way to do it.

Someone else already had the idea of hacking Snapchat accounts, so all I had to do was find out how they did it. I found a website with all the information I needed to get into the account and put it to use. Once I was in the account, I saw some things that I didn’t expect to see. The model would always take risque pictures, but the content that was on the account was even more risque than that. Although I don’t understand why the model wanted to have the account open to the public and then privatize it in the first place.

I began thinking about all of the other Snapchat accounts that I didn’t have access to because they were private, and made a list of the ones I wanted to hack. There was one in particular that I really wanted to see. The owner of the account posted pages of 3D character models that could be printed using special software. He would post pictures of the completed models elsewhere, but kept the files themselves locked away on Snapchat.