The Most Beautiful Video Proposal

When my son proposed to his girlfriend, it was the most creative proposal I had ever seen. He told me he got the idea from social media, as he had seen a video of someone from a different country propose in the same manner. He really liked it, and he decided that he was going to surprise his girlfriend in the same way. He had to first find a Singapore video production company that would be able to create the perfect video for him. He works in a cinema and got special permission from his boss to show the video on one of the screens before the main film started.

The company he hired to create the perfect video for him did just that. He was able to give them different pictures and video clips that showcased their relationship for the last year. They also did mock interviews with their closest friends and her parents as well as my husband and myself. Everyone was in on this other than his girlfriend, but my son knew that everyone would be able to keep it a secret until the main viewing at the cinema.

The video company created a four minute video that showed pictures from their first date up to a date they went on the week before the video was premiered. There was animation as well, plus the interviews where my son asked her father if he could marry his daughter. It was a beautiful video, and I cried when I watched it for the first time, which was in the cinema along with everyone else. My son had someone videotaping her, which we all watched later, and it was beautiful to see her interest go from mild to euphoria. Needless to say, she said yes when he got down on one knee when the video was over!