Can a Natural Thyroid Supplement Improve a Sluggish Thyroid?

A sluggish thyroid is usually treated with prescription medication. It depends on how much output of thyroid hormones your thyroid produces. If it is sluggish, you can get fat eating what seems to be a normal amount of food. No one wants to starve themselves, so the weight just gets packed on slowly over time. It gets worse as your thyroid gets more sluggish. I was wondering if there was a natural supplement that could help improve my thyroid. I looked at Thyromine as an option. I was not really wanting to go on the synthetic prescription thyroid medication as all medications have potential side effects.

I wanted a safe and natural option to treat my sluggish thyroid condition. My metabolism was so bad that my doctor told me that I probably should begin thyroid medication to make up for the hormones my thyroid was not producing. I asked if I could try a natural option first. I had made it this far with my sluggish thyroid, I figured a couple of more months would not matter that much in order to give a natural thyroid supplement a try.

In order to avoid any placebo effect issues, I kept a written log of my progress. I needed something to show my doctor either way. I wanted to find out if the natural thyroid supplement would work or not. To me, it was a better first-line option than taking synthetic thyroid hormones. I try to avoid getting on any long-term prescription medications if there is something I can do that is natural to fix the condition first. When my cholesterol started to climb, I stopped eating meat. It dropped to a perfect level, and I was at the point my doctor was going to prescribe a statin. I did not know if I could have the same success with my thyroid.