Living in a New City

My job asked me if I wanted to go to Singapore to work there and help open a new office in the country. I was really nervous when they told me that it was going to be at least a year, but I am young and single and I thought that if I did not go now, then I may never get the chance to go again. I knew that it would be something that I would always regret and wonder what if. I looked up the Parc Esta condo complex that I read about in an Americans living in Singapore group online and I found that a lot of people who lived in the group actually lived in the same complex that I was looking up. I was hoping that if I posted a question that someone would answer me and I was so glad when I found that I had sixty answers waiting for me the day after I posted my first question.

There are so many many people from my state living in the area around where I will be living that it will be fun to catch up with some of these people when I actually move over there. I read that there are a lot of laws that make things over there different from where the way things are where I live so I am hoping that I will be able to find a few websites that have some things that I can read over before I leave next month. I want to find a guide that can tell you a lot of things that you should know before you actually get over there, I think that it would be good to know a lot of the things that will help me live easier over there.