Two Brothers Battle the Fat

My brother and I always were always known as the big duo. We would always hang out, and we were fat. We embraced our weight, and didn’t make any attempts to change, but as we got older, we started to see that maybe our weight wasn’t what it should be. Compared to other people, we would have a harder time doing things, and our quality of life wasn’t as great. We looked for Pro Diet reviews that would give us a little insight on how to finally lose the weight that we had been parading around with for most of our lives.

The key to our weight loss would come in the form of a special diet where meals are delivered. This was a huge bonus for my brother and me, because although we liked to eat, neither of us wanted to cook. We would make a big fuss over who would have to prepare the meals that day. Sometimes we would just avoid cooking entirely and go out for a meal at a fast food restaurant, which made us even fatter. We had no sense of portion control or calorie counting, so all of our meals were just a free for all.

While the meals looked like something that we would normally find in a restaurant, they were made with the right portions and calories for someone to eat and lose weight. Although the meals were healthy, they didn’t skimp on the flavor. We figured that we would be stuck eating bland and boring meals, but what we got was the complete opposite of that. Since we started eating the diet foods, our weights have both dropped. My brother and I have now gone into competition against each other, seeing who can lose the most weight by the end of the month.